Descending Solukhumbu – news of a fatality

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

We left base camp this morning with two porters, Pasang and Mingma. Ras will now pack up our base camp tents and follow behind us more slowly using yaks for carriage to bring down the heavy equipment and food.

Ras was hired cook, but also helped handle radio communication while we were on the mountain.  News came down the mountain by radio, shortly after our return to base camp,: a fatality had occurred while we were on the mountain.  We met or passed three other teams on the mountain, and had little interaction with the Russian / mixed team.  We understand that this man summited the mountain around 1730 during the  second day of our descent (13 November).  Although we were nearby, we were unaware that this pair was unable to descend even to the ledge at camp three (where an abandoned tent stood).  They were benighted on the steep, exposed upper face of the mountain.  Having been in that location less than a day earlier, we were  concerned and interested in the circumstance of this incident, and spent much of the following day inquiring and puzzling over the factors leading to the fatality.


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